I was recently working on a business intelligence project that required pulling files from a Sharepoint document library. The initial decision was to net use the share, however I quickly realized that it wouldn’t work correctly when run from Windows Server. I had two choices to resolve this issue: Install... »

Fast CSV Parsing With C#

When dealing with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), it is often difficult to add third party libraries to script tasks. It is also practically impossible to import CSV files with bad rows using the built in Flat File Data Source. So, I decided to write a custom script to import... »

Active Directory Authentication in RedHat

A while ago, I wrote a Gist about how to bind a Red Hat or CentOS server to a Windows domain. I figured it I would feature it here on the blog as well. Winbind The process of linking Linux with Winbind has become increasingly straightforward, but there are some... »