Readahead File Parsing in Powershell

Powershell has quickly grown into one of my favorate scripting languages because of its flexibility and near seamless integration with the .NET framework. I use it often to do simple tasks to which parsing simple text files is one. Have you ever needed to look a few lines ahead in... »

Finding Exchange Servers Using Active Directory and Powershell

Sometimes PowerShell scripts need to send email messages to other users, and it is pretty annoying to hard code SMTP servers if you’ve got a ton of scripts lying around across several different servers. Wouldn’t it be nice if the script could find a valid Exchange server from AD? Well,... »

Cisco 3945, EtherSwitch, and UCSE

We’ve been working on network upgrades to our aging branch networking equipment and ran into some roadblocks when dealing with UCS-E series servers and EtherSwitch modules in a Cisco 3945E router. UCS-E is a fantastic piece of technology whereby an Intel-based x86 server can be slotted into a Cisco router,... »

Paginated List of Files in ASP.NET MVC

I recently encountered a need to paginate a list of files and directories as some folders may contain hundreds of items and it isn’t very nice to dump hundreds of filenames into a table and call it good. Building a Model The FilesystemExplorer is the Model we will be handing... »

Plugin Aware Ribbon in C# Using MEF

With the release of .NET 4.5 came a built-in WPF ribbon control to be used by developers everywhere. I couldn’t manage to find any solid articles on how to allow plugin authors to dynamically add items to the ribbon, so I thought I’d chime in with my solution. In this... »